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Nick Jameson

Hello there. I am Nick Jameson. I hope you're having a nice day. This is a website about me and my interests. There's some fun stuff to look at and some links for you to try out.


From an early age I have been interested in computer progamming. I began with BASIC on the Acorn Electron and BBC Microcomputer, before progressing to 6502 assembly language. At the age of eleven I wrote a game that was published in Electron User.

At my school's computer club I began dabbling with 80186 assembly language and C, using RM Nimbus machines.

After leaving school I spent a lot of time writing programs for the Amiga A500 in 68000 assembly language.

In late 1997 I began programming for Windows 95 using C++ and MFC. I also did quite a lot of stuff with the Borland Graphical interface - My first complete chess playing program was done this way.

You may like to check out screenshots of some of my programs.

Click here to see some 3D graphics stuff I wrote for the BBC Micro running in a Javascript emulator. And see here for documentation and a BeebAsm port of this.

On YouTube you will find videos of a few of my programs. See for example the Amiga A500 TV94 Demo, which was a joint effort with my brother, Tim. The video quality is not great, if you want to see it more properly then get WinUAE and run TV94.ADF (or better still get it running on a real Amiga).

MateMonster is my Windows program for studying chess endgames, which you can download for free.

At my Public OneDrive there are some more of my programs available to download.

If you like looking at computer code then here's some bedtime reading for you: JUGSING.txt, JUG5.txt, spriterot4096.txt. These are here because people have asked for them. If you want source code for any more of my programs please send me an email (my address is at the top of this page).

I'm gradually learning more about Web progamming. Here are some of my efforts so far:

FEN Viewer (chess study tool)
Primality tester - use this to find out if a number is prime or not.
Primes just lists a load of prime numbers.
NOD (Number Of Days) calculator
GCD (Greatest Common Divisor) calculator
Barnsley Fern draws a fern using JavaScript (if your browser supports HTML5 Canvas).
Conics draws some conic sections using JavaScript (if your browser supports HTML5 Canvas).


I play guitar. Here's some tablature for some of my creations:

Guitar solo in A minor
Mad guitar solo
Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach's Solfeggietto - my arrangement for electric guitar


Nick's chess games is a selection of games I have played. Mehendale vs Jameson has a nice finish.

I also like to compose chess problems - click here to see some of them:

And here are Shredder's daily chess problems:


You may be interested to see my proof that zeta(2)=pi^2/6.

Three answers to an integral is an article written jointly with my father that was published in The Mathematical Gazette in November 2006.

Also written jointly with my father is Goats and birds, which was published in the July 2017 Mathematical Gazette.

Derivatives, integrals and miscellaneous formulas may also excite you.

Oh, and there's also Summing the Möbius and Liouville functions, A very silly way to calculate pi, Weird integrals , Some sums, sin and tan.

Me on YouTube:

Here you can watch a selection of videos I've uploaded to YouTube:

If you would like to donate money to encourage me to continue with my programming efforts and to provide more material on this site you may do so by clicking here: